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In the last post I discussed the advantages of NoSQL using a music collection example. I’d like to go back to that example and expand the conversation a bit: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find a song when you only remembered a few lines of the lyrics? They are part of the […]

After a session I recently gave at a conference, someone from the audience posed a question using a metaphor that caught my attention. Making the case for relational databases, he used the example of a music collection, saying that in order to find an album in the collection, it would have to be organized according […]

My last post talked about Enterprise NoSQL and ACID vs. BASE in the context of handling data variety. In this one I’d like to delve deeper into transactional, Enterprise NoSQL. Let’s start by focusing on the main question: How can one guarantee cross-record ACID transactions in a horizontally-scalable, schema-agnostic database? The short answer is an […]

Data is at the center of most challenges facing our industry today, with business drivers such as new regulations, aggregated risk management, and deep customer insight all having critical data management implications. The term Big Data has become a common way to describe this, and while some of these challenges are associated with large volumes, […]